Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3 weeks and still going strong!

Hey everyone sorry I have not been updating this as much as I wanted to, just been really busy with work and still trying to get comfy in my place. Alot has happened since my last blog entry, so where to begin. First the school I am working for is really good so far and I finally feel like I am getting into some what of a daily routine. The kids are really smart and I still cannot get over how well most of them speak English and are learning stuff that is taught 1 to 2 grades above what they should be learning if they went to school in the states. The kids can be challenging at sometimes but like me and my buddy Matt was discussing it is more physically draining instead of mentally, just trying to keep them intrested and paying attention most of the time but that is part of Education.

My co-workers all seem pretty cool and everyone seems like they are all here for the same reasons, which is work,travel,money and enjoying life. I have been laying pretty low during the week and enjoying what Seoul has to offer on the weekends. This past Friday I went out with some people from work and we went to a district close by which felt like I was in NYC Wall Street District, nice high rises and clothing shops everywhere. I couldn't believe that they had an American Apperal in South Korea. Seoul is pretty modernized when it comes to most stuff like food and some clothing as well as some essentials.

This past Saturday my friend Amanda that is teaching in Deagu came up for a visit and to celebrate her birthday. She arrived around my place about 7:30 after Matt went and picked her up from the train station (bc my ass did not get out of bed until 5 p.m.) and she came back to take a power nap while I got ready and ate some dinner. We told her that we would probably be out until 7 or 8 A.M. and she kinda laughed it off but let me tell you when we say that we are not lying for the most part. That is one good thing about Seoul and other big cities, you can start your night pretty much at any given time and still come home with a good story the next day. So we headed over to a co-workers apartment who are both from Canada (Mary Ann and Thomas) and had a few drinks to start the night off.

After a few drinks we headed to the subway station and off to Hongdae we went. So far Hongdae has been one of the districts for going out I like the most. Still has the Korean feel but also the Western feel at the same time. We arrive in Hongdae around midnight give or take a minute and try to find this bar that Mary Ann and Thomas friends where at. First let me tell you that it is very easy to get lost and get split up in Seoul because their are so many side streets and if you are following people and not walking the same pace then things happen, so of course me, Amanda and my co-worker Kristina end up splitting up with Matt, Thomas and Mary Ann. Eventually later that night some how we all ended up at the same bar. Another thing I forgot to mention is that we all do not have cell phones so the lack of communication feels like I am back in the late 80's early 90's, what did we do with out cell phones>? haha So here it is the 6 of us again at about 4:30 in the morning with Thomas hammered and had to leave early to get some food and Amanda passing in and out at the bar table; me, Matt and Christina just having the time of our lives. Two more hours role around and bam it is 6:30 and we finally look at Amanda and the people around us as we pretty much closed the bar down. Hongdae, Seoul had done it again for us: with great stories and memories that will last for a life time.

Is it Friday yet? Because that is what I will be asking myself by the end of every week, so I can add more memories of Seoul and Asia to my life!! Until next time, I miss and say Hi to everyone who reads this blog and my friends and family back home!!

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  1. love the blog! nice should add some pictures!